Fun ways to use Blanket Stitch in Fabric Art

What is Blanket Stitch or Buttonhole Stitch and how can I use it?

Well traditionally this little stitch was used as an edge on woolen blankets.  Hence the name.  But it is most commonly used nowadays for hand stitching an applique.  It provided a very neat edge, on the outside, and little stitches that spread inwards from the outside line.  Have a look at the picture below.  You bring your needle and thread up from below.  Starting on the outside edge, you then you put your needle in again underneath and to your right, like a little right angle and do a little stitch underneath, bringing the needle up again underneath where you originally started.  Before you put it through, make sure that the needle tip will pass through the loop of thread on top.

But how else can it be used.  It does create a stunning edge on applique, but what if we add a few little variations to our standard embroidery and the ways we use it.  I love creating textile art and exploring new ways with traditional stitches.  Just have a look above, we can certainly find different things to vary.  The stitch length, and how close they are together are variations.  Look at the picture above.  I have created something that could be eyelashes on a face, and another that could be a sun in the sky.  But it truly is the one stitch.  And what about the thread.  Have a look at the picture below to see how fantastic it is when making flowers in different thickness of thread.

The flowers in this embroidered landscape are all different shades and textures of threads, which adds to richness.  But there is more.  You can make tufts of grasses, leaves, fences, and anywhere you imagination leads you.  I have created a video on YouTube below if you want to learn more ways to use Blanket Stitch.

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