How to embroider with little Cross stitches

Take your stitches a step further!

I really enjoy, exploring and experimenting with stitches.  I have recently added this one to my YouTube Channel.  So two little stitches crossed,  I am calling it a cross stitch.  But not in the traditional way of having to follow a pattern, using a key to tell you where to apply your stitches.  This is totally free form.  I go back to the basics of a cross stitch and then take it a few steps further!

So, yes, we can do them in all neat little rows, of all the same sizes, perfectly in harmony with each other.   But what else?  Have a look at my diagram, we can do diagonally crossed lines, and straight up and down ones.  How about we make one stitch larger than the other.  It is time to play with this simple stitch and see what we can do!

So, what can we do with it.  Well lets start, with the thread.  One single strand of floss, or a big wooly yarn, something shiny, or something Variegated.  How about using ribbon, or paper raffia, the choice is endless, and can produce totally different results.

Next lets think about what we can do with the stitches.  How about a railway track, or a fence, or stars in the sky.  Or what about using it to applique one fabric to another.  I use it alot in slow stitching projects!

But what really got my creative juices flowing, was when I tried to make a textile art landscape, using only little crosses.  This really opened my eyes to the possibilities.  In the below picturtes you can see how I used it to make trees!  or sparkles on the water, reeds by the side of a lake, grasses and a fence.  If you are wanting to see some more ideas, or how I make this picture, check out my YouTube Video the link of which is below!

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