What Can You Make


The whole idea of my kits that I have created is to give you a chance to explore your creativity. I do not say stitch here! I guide you to create your own unique piece of art. There is always plenty of direction, so beginners can feel confident, so do not worry. These are all a simple idea, with beautifully created kits, so that everything goes together nicely. Remember, you are the artist. Many of these kits come with practice kits, and even a mat board surround and backing board ready for you to buy a frame and get it on your wall.

Let me give you some examples.  I am currently selling through my Etsy Shop.  So if you are interested in seeing more details or purchasing one of my kits, clicking on one of these links on this page will take you there.

Creative Embroidery kit


Now these are fun!  I think of them as impressionist paintings done with fabric and thread.   With my hand dyed lightweight linen, in beautiful colours, you experiment with fabric manipulation.  You can poke and prod and pull the linen weave apart, creating interesting shapes, that are then layered and stitched down with very very simple stitches. Once again, you are guided with much detail, but allowed to put your own soul into it.  These kits come with all you need and practice kits, and even a mat board surround and backing board ready for you to buy a frame and get it on your wall.
Creative Embroidery kits
Lilies Slow stitching kit


Slow Stitching, is all about picking up some hand sewing, having a go,  relaxing and absorbing yourself into a project.  Mindfulness in a word.  It is a state of just going with it, allowing it to flow, and this is the best bit “Without Judgement”  Feel free to make mistakes, finish when you think it is done.  This is something you do with a cuppa and relax!  Beginners Welcome.

Slow stitching kits
Gum Leaf Embroidery Kit


Here is something a little different, and very individual.  These kits come with a background fabric that has been hand dyed in the sun, leaving a ghostly imprint of foliage.  The design is then placed onto this background, and as per the Slow Stitch kits above they are beautifully arty and easy to do.

Sun dyed slow stitch kits
Hessian embroidery


If you have never sewn and want to start, or if you would like to teach your children.  This is a great place to start.  You are supplied with coloured hessian (burlap), a strip of hand dyed linen for the sky, a gorgeous collection of novelty and special yarns, a plastic needle, colour instructions and a mat board and backing board.  

Hessian Art Kits
Green forest Fabric collage kit


Especially curated for you, with swatches of beautiful fabrics that match, or are hand dyed or eco printed, and embellishments of course,  make these kits really stand out.  If you are not quite sure how to go about making a fabric collage slow stitch project, a colour cover picture is included of how I put mine together, and a black and white booklet brimming with stitch tutorials, and ideas on how to put it together.

Fabric Collage kits by Art Fiber Stitch

If you are more interested in patterns only, I have a selection of applique, quilting, and cross-stitch available for download through my Etsy Shop here.