We spend our lifetimes learning new skills and putting them together.

I love experimenting, taking one craft and seeing where it will take me.  Trying another and bringing parts of my old knowledge into my new projects.  I love to create.  Time flies and stresses leave you,  I would like everyone to have a go and find the joy of textile art and embroidery, felting and dyeing to name a few.  I am putting a series of videos together that are on my YouTube Channel,  You can watch a sample here, and if you are interested in more then head on over to my Channel to learn more, and subscribe if you want to have further videos on your feed.

Cheers   Tracey

French Knots

How to do them and where to use them. I love a French knot. And although, they are not the simplest stitch there is, it is well worth getting to know it and its variations, so that you can enjoy using them in your embroidery projects.

Embroidery stitch tutorial on French Knots

Eco Printing

Using Mordants made at home from Rust and Copper, this experiment in using Wattle Flowers and leaves to eco print with produced stunningly beautiful and unique pieces of fabric.

Eco or Botanical Printing creates unique fabrics

Learn to Needle Felt

Needle felting, is more usually known in those little animal sculptures, but it also used on a flat surface to create art. So learn a few skills and make your own wool art.

Needle Felt Art is so satisfying

Easy Hessian or Burlap embroidery

So easy, it is a great way to introduce the children to sewing, but thoroughly enjoyable doing it for yourself. Great texture and colour, you just want to reach out touch. Great stitch therapy.

Create a landscape using scraps of yarn

Check out my Art Fiber Stitch YouTube Channel for ideas