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Tracey Campbell Textile Artist

Tracey Campbell

Maker . Designer . Teacher

Hi, my name is Tracey Campbell

I am an Artist,and dabbler in all things craft.  







I love the creative process, being loaded up with a palette of colour gets my fingers itching to get started.  In the world of fabric art, it is even more tangible as my colourful palette consists of fabrics, fibers, threads, papers and scavenged items from op-shops.

Time has no meaning when you are in the grip of a creative frenzy.  I like to start with an idea, but enjoy coaxing it in unexpected directions.  I love mistakes, or “happy accidents” because rather than say, “Well that is ruined” … I think, well I wonder where this will lead me, and off we go perhaps that was just the universe prompting me to discover something new.

I come from a long line of crafters and artists, which has given me a great beginning, I well remember my grandmother teaching me an abundance of crafts, as she was a teacher in the CWA (Country Womens Associations) 

I started an applique and quilting design business over 20 years ago, called Top of the Range Designs, I designed and sold patterns, and had some of my projects published in craft magazines.  However, I now want to bring more people into the craft world, by encouraging their creativity.   With Art Fiber Stitch, I have been selling inspirational kits with beginners instructions to help everyone, seasoned sewer or complete novice feel able to pick up a needle and begin.

I have also started videoing techniques, tips and tutorials, and getting them up on my YouTube Channel which you can view on this link.  I realize not everyone had a grandmother and mother to show them the way to start.

Creativity, and making things with your hands, are very good methods of Therapy.  Stitch Therapy, is when you put down the stresses of our modern day lives, and pick up some fabric and thread, and get lost in the creative process.  This is is when you are practicing mindfulness.  You do not worry about the outcome, do not judge, just enjoy the doing.



What is in a name ...Why "ART FIBER STITCH"


I wanted a name that could incorporate most of my creative pursuits.  Art, Collage, Paint, Paper, Embroidery, Dyeing …  The list of wonderful crafts to get involved in are endless!