Running stitch

RUNNING STITCH Perfect for Embroidery

Now why would I create a post on running stitch. Is it not obvious, doesn’t everyone know how to do it. Well yes, but it is so under rated. It is the stitch you learn first, it is the simplest stitch, and it is also the most versatile. Let me tell you why. Not only was it the original stitch, used in making clothing before the advent of the sewing machine, but it is also highly decorative. Straight stitch, or a single stitch can be long stitch or a seed stitch amongst others. But the running stitch is where we put a run of them together. As you can see above, This can be very beautiful on its own. Depending on the yarn or cotton used. This selection above is in a combination of colours that just works so, even though it is a random design, it still looks good.

Diagram of running stitch


Recently the humble straight stitch has had a resurgence, in the form of Boro, Shasiko, and other forms. The beauty of a series of simple stitches cannot be dismissed. It is beautiful in its own right, but I also love it in this form below. Lines are straight, but the fibers and fancy threads make it really something special.

And what about the curved line, not all lines are straight. So why not use it to your advantage. Below you can see where I have used a few scraps of fabrics with a curved line linking them. The stitching extends outside the edge, taking your eye further, and insinuation maybe rivers, or the continuation of hills.

Running stitch embroidery

I use running stitch alot in my slow stitch and impressionist embroidery kits.  I love the flowing lines, I also use it in collage, let us face it, this is a very simple but versatile stitch.

Running stitch image

But there is too much to show just here, why don’t you check out my YouTube Video.

Running Stitch, How and where to use it in embroidery projects or textile art.

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